"Ex or In" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Exclusive or Inclusive

GET THIS CARTOON I choose inclusive over exclusive. How about you? Looking for an inclusive community? Check us out HERE. Download my eBook “Money is Spiritual” for just $10!

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"Outside the Box" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Are you feeling rejected?

One of the things I’ve come to realize is that most often the reason I feel rejected and excluded is because of important choices I’ve made for myself. Oh, sometimes people can just be jerks and exclude you because they’re cliquish or mean or thoughtless. But most of the time…

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"Heaven" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

the first few minutes of heaven

Heaven is a powerful symbol of unity, a metaphor of inclusion and love, a picture of how the world is if we would. Unity in diversity! This is what The Lasting Supper is all about. It’s a taste of heaven for me and many others. Download my eBook “Money is…

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"Jesus and Rob Bell in Hell" by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is Rob Bell going to the Hell he doesn’t believe in?

Reading this post about Rob Bell made me feel sad. It’s obvious that the evangelical camp is tightening its borders and protecting them well. Then I read the comments and realized that, according to many, I’m not on the right side of that fence. Rob Bell certainly is not. Not…

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