"The Left Behind Story" by nakedpastor David Hayward

The sinister story behind the “Left Behind” movie they don’t want you to know

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"Jesus and the First Left Behind" by nakedpastor David Hayward

How Jesus Left Behind his friends the first time

I remember when I was very young one of my friends was telling us about what his pastor was preaching. It was The Revelation and the end times stuff. We were fascinated and terrified. This is what began my journey down the path of a rather apocalyptic, charismatic and evangelical…

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The Left Behind movie and the selling of fear

Fear sells. When I was a youth the threat of being left behind was fed to me weekly. It was a part of my diet. I lived in fear. As a result, I was coerced into thinking, saying and doing things that provided me with some sort of tenuous guarantee…

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the real left behind

Whenever anyone says that the church has abandoned Jesus, I take that accusation seriously. Lots of people notice… anyone from comedian Bill Maher who says that Christians obviously aren’t following Jesus’ instructions to Gandhi who said that he liked Christ but he did not like Christians because they are so…

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